A310f u5 FRP: Best Way To Remove Google Account

a310f u5 frp

Today I’m going to guide you to remove a310f u5 FRP on Samsung Galaxy a3 Binary 5. This guide is the best method to remove Google account to any Samsung Phones. So, if you know how a combination file works on any Samsung. You can remove FRP/Google account to all Samsung phones even the latest one. This is not the same as other methods that you can remove FRP without PC. So right now we will need a PC/Laptop to remove Google account.  

Files we need:

  • Samsung firmware
  • Combination file
  • Odin3 V3.11
  • PC or laptop
  • Brain for better understanding

How To Bypass A310f u5 FRP?

 Now, we are going to show you how to remove FRP or Google account with a PC or laptop. So, follow my procedure carefully to avoid issues from your phone and removed the Google account from the phone.  

  1. The first thing you need is to download files and extract them in the same folder(So that you can find them easily). You can download them at the bottom of this page.
  2. Now, open Odin3 V3.11(Must be run as administrator)
  3. Click AP
  4. Find the extracted Combination file and open it.
  5. After that click start.
  6. Wait to finished flashing.

How to enable OEM and Debugging mode?

 You must follow this guide carefully because if you can’t enable OEM and Debugging mode this method will not be able to work.  

  1. First, turn on the phone after flashing success.
  2. Go to “settings”
  3. Look for “about” then click
  4. Scroll down and tap the “build number” 8 times or more.
  5. Go back to the home screen and go to “settings” again
  6. Look for “developer options” you can find it on the bottom then click it
  7. Scroll download and enable “OEM” and “Debugging mode”.
  8. After that turn off the phone

How Samsung Galaxy A3 FRP bypass With The Stock Firmware?

 If you followed the steps above correctly the FRP and Google account should be gone. After you flash it again with stock ROM with the same Binary code. We need to flash it again to take the phone to a normal state. So that the owner can use it again as a normal phone that can add new Email.  

  1. Now, to full flash the phone you will need to include BL, AP, CP, and CSC 
  2. Open Odin3 v3.11
  3. Click “BL” and look for stock ROM folder then click “BL file”
  4. Do the same for AP, CP, and CSC
  5. After everything is set up you can click start
  6. Wait until it’s done.

 After the flashing finish and successfully set up the phone again. You can be able to skip if it asks again for Email after that just keep next until you reach the home screen.   

Is The Samsung a3 FRP Lock Remove?

 If the Google account or FRP still there and you can’t be able to skip while setting up the phone. You need to flash it again with a combination file and re-enable the OEM and Debugging mode. After that flash it again with stock ROM but this time only flash it with AP and CSC. It working to me many times if the full flash doesn’t work. But, if you still have the issue you can use the comment below. I’ll try to answer and give you another solution if needed.  If you like this guide please use the share button below.

It can help other people with the same issue to remove the Google account. It can also help other people who don’t have a budget paying for FRP removal.  


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18 thoughts on “A310f u5 FRP: Best Way To Remove Google Account”

    • If it doesn’t show the OEM on developers option set the time date 1 week late or 1 month late. Sample today is March 22 set it to March 15 or February 22. Then restart the phone and check the developer option again it must show the OEM option.

        • Check your phone what is the phone factory binary it might be a compatibility issue.
          Try to check it on recovery mode or in download mode. If it is not u5 or b:5 it might be a compatibility issue. You will need a compatible combination file for your phone binary.
          If you have a screenshot of your recovery mode and download mode. I can analyze your phone in which binary it belongs.

    • As i read the thread i was thinking to download the file bt i see that i already have drk etc fix from frpdone.com for my u5 binnary A310f and i also have the same stock firmware …bt stl the file u named its a combination …it dosent take u to factory binnary mode…


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