Flash ASUS z00ud Via SD Card Without PC

flash asus z00ud via sd card
Today, I’m going to show you on How to Flash ASUS z00ud via SD card. Before I start let me tell you the reason why we need to flash it. So make sure that you have one of these problems before you flash the phone with the latest firmware. 
Here’s the List of ASUS z00ud problems that may solve the issue after you flash it through SD card:
  • Hang
  • Bootloop
  • Forgot password
  • Slow
  • Or you want to update the firmware to the latest firmware.
  • Or most likely flash the phone with wrong firmware.
Now,  if you have this problem on your phone you need to flash it to fix these issues. To do that you need to follow the guide below to fix these issues.

Files and tools needed:

  • 2gb Micro Sd card or higher(Make sure it’s empty)
  • ASUS z00ud firmware(You can download it from the link below.)
  • The phone that you want to flash.


How to Flash the Zenfone Selfie ASUS z00ud through SD card?

  1. First, make sure to download the right firmware for your phone version. Download links can find at the bottom of this page.
  2. Now, after the firmware download put the firmware(Make sure it’s not extracted) to the SD card.
  3. After that, put the memory card to the SD card slot of the phone.
  4. Press the button power switch+vol down at the same time 5 to 10 seconds.
  5. Now, the recovery mode will show then choose the SD card update. Find the firmware that you download recently.
  6. Wait until it’s done then reboot the phone after successful.

This is what it looks like when flashing or updating it through the phone here are the images below.

Zenfone selfie while updating

This is what it looks like while it’s updating below.

asus z00ud while updating

For errors, this is what it looks like below.

asus zenfone failed update

Note: If the flashing or update failed then repeat the procedure above. If it’s still failed while updating repeat the procedure until the update success. If it still doesn’t work try to factory reset then reboot the phone. Repeat the procedure or download other firmware below if it’s still not working.


I hope you like this step by step guide today. If you don’t mind you can share this with your friend use any social media button below. If the SD card flashing doesn’t work to you the only solution that might solve your problem is to flash it with PC. Don’t worry I’m going to make a guide on how to flash it with PC.

Download links below:

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