Nokia ta 1066 FRP File With 3 Best ways To Bypass Google Account

Today, I’m going to guide you on how to use Nokia ta 1066 FRP file. You will need a PC for some of these methods to remove the Google account. So, follow the methods below and make sure you follow them carefully. To avoid any program issues

nokia ta 1066 frp file

List of requirements:

  • Desktop PC or Laptop(Windows/Linux OS)
  • Nokia ta 1066 FRP unlock tool or sp tool(Any tool that accepts scatter)
  • Nokia 1 TA-1066 Secure Boot file/firmware
  • And the phone with FRP lock or pattern

Note: You can use both FRP unlock tool or Flashtool in this method. We will include the flash tool in the download section below. Don’t worry about the guide because there is no difference in using other flash tools to do this method. Just make sure that you follow them step by step to avoid issues. 

How To Perform Nokia ta 1066 Hard Reset?

This is what you need to do first without PC before you go to other technical ways as the guide below. It sometimes solves my issue to remove FRP or Google account. So, this method is worth trying before following the other alternative ways.

  • First, make sure the phone is 50% charge or more
  • Then turn off the phone
  • Now, you can perform a hard reset
  • Hold and press both “Volume Up” and “Power Button” at the same time.
  • Release both buttons when the recovery mode shows up.
  • Find the “Wipe data/factory reset” use volumes to go up or down
  • Then use the power button to “Ok”
  • Choose “yes” and wait to finished
  • Go back and choose “Reboot”

Now, check the phone if it asks for Google account but if not you will need to do other procedures below. If success you don’t need to follow the other guides below to remove FRP.

How To Use Nokia ta 1066 FRP File?

  • Download all files from the download section below.
  • Extract the RAR file(Make sure to put it on the desktop to find them)
  • Open Sp flash tool from the extracted files and folder.
  • Import Scatter File from the folder to the Flash tool.
  • Select download from the drop-down next to the scatter-loading file.
  • Then click the download to start and wait to finish.
  • After that, turn on the phone and it should be work without FRP.

If it still doesn’t work well the final method below might solve your issue to remove the FRP or Google account.

FRP File SP Tool Manual Format Guide

Warning: Avoid interruption till the process says done or 100% completed during formatting. Anyway, it won’t be a big problem because you can flash it with stock ROM. In case if it interrupts the formatting process. I will add the full stock ROM in the future so, just let me know if needed.

  • Open the SP tool again
  • Open the scatter file with notepad or notepad++
  • Then find this two
    – Linear_start addr = Begin Address – Partition_size = Format Length
  • Copy the value(Because you will use it soon on the manual format)
  • Go to Format Tab
  • Check Manual Format
  • Then type the format address that you recently copy above
  • Then click format and then let’s wait to finish.

I hope that any methods above solve your issue. These are my 3 methods to fix and remove Google account or FRP for this phone.  Now it should be work fine without FRP. In case if all procedure above doesn’t work or if the issue still exists you can comment below. I’ll try to give you another solution to fix your issue.

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