OPPO FRP Code: Guide on How To Use it

oppo frp code

Oppo FRP Code is using to dial a code to bypass the lock screen. Any lock like asking for email or pattern. If you go to an emergency dial where you can dial numbers. You can use the OPPO FRP code to bypass the lock. Where you can remove the FRP or email that registered from the phone. Now, I created this article to guide you on how to use this code and remove the old registered email. Yet, this code does not always work for all OPPO phones. FRP means factory reset protection. it’s a new system for android phones to protect privacy of their users.

Tested OPPO phones to use this FRP code:

  • a83 cph1729
  • a71 cph1801
  • Oppo a3s (Sometimes work)
  • Oppo F5 (Sometimes work)
  • And most of the old OPPO phones

That’s why you need to test the code to any OPPO phones because sometimes it works but sometimes not.

How To Use The OPPO FRP Code?

This time I will guide you on how to use OPPO FRP code step by step. Follow the guide below to remove FRP.

  1. Get the phone that locked with FRP or asking for an email.
  2. Go to dial/emergency call(Usually you can find it from the start or getting started).
  3. Dial the oppo frp reset code or this oppo frp unlock code *#812#.
  4. Now it should be bypass and direct you to the normal screen.
  5. Since you are on the normal screen you need to go in settings.
  6. And then look for “additional settings”.
  7. Now look for “backup and reset” and then tap.
  8. After that make sure that automatic restore and backup my data is off.
  9. And then after that tap, the “factory data reset” and tap ok.
  10. Now set up the phone as normal and it will not ask again for the email.

Note: if the FRP doesn’t remove you need to repeat the procedure above. After that add your dummy email before you tap the “Factory Data Reset”. After full reset set up the phone if it asks for email and password put the dummy email and password. It should be work as you put the dummy email earlier.

If you still having a problem please comment below and detail your issue. So that we can find a solution for your phone and provide the right guide.

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If you have problem related to OPPO a57 and this method doesn’t work you can follow this guide below.

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3 thoughts on “OPPO FRP Code: Guide on How To Use it”

    • This method will not work on the latest version of cph1903. The only solution that I know that can solve your issue is through online FRP removal. It is a paid service directly from OPPO. We don’t currently have a solution to remove this manually except if you have a box to connect through pinouts. And I am not sure pinouts will work since this latest model of OPPO is released just last December. So your last option is online FRP removal service.


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