How To Use Samsung A20 FRP Unlock Tool With Bonus Guide

Today, I will show you how to remove Google using Samsung a20 FRP unlock tool. This is the best alternative way if the manual or without PC doesn’t work. What you will need is pay attention to the instruction carefully below to bypass the Google account.

Samsung A20 FRP Unlock

The Samsung FRP Unlock Tool Contains:

  • Odin v3.14.1
  • Combination file
  • Stock firmware or ROM

You can get them all at the bottom of this post.

Note: Make sure to check your phone binary because this method is only works on binary 1. If ever your phone binary is different don’t worry you can find some on Google. I will also put some of them on the end of this section below.

If you don’t know how to check the binary you can check this image below as reference. There are two ways that I know how to know if what factory binary of your phone is.

First is by booting the device to recovery mode as the image below.

Samsung A20 FRP Unlock recovery mode

The second one is by booting the phone to download mode as the image shown below. If you can’t boot the recovery mode this is a good alternative to know it.

factory binary on download mode

As you can see both of them shows binary 2 under the “RP SWREV:”
So, you must use a combi file that compatible with binary 2.

How Can I Use Samsung a20 FRP Unlock Tool?

The FRP unlock tool contains three files to fix and remove Google account from the phone. You can get them all at the end of this post so, make sure to follow the guides below. This only works on the phone with Samsung Galaxy SM-A205W and SM-A205G because this is the only file we have. But we are planning to add more files in the future so, keep updated.

How To Flash The Phone with Combination File

Warning: This method is risky and only for professional techs only. If you are not a tech do not try this but if you feel you are ok if anything goes wrong you can proceed. Don’t worry if the result doesn’t work or getting some issues. You can comment below I’ll try my best to help you.

If you agree to the above warning we can start to follow the direction below.

  • First, download the Odin v3.14.1 at the bottom of this post.
  • Then download the combination file for sm-a205g.
  • Extract all files both Odin and sm-a205g combi file.
  • Now, open Odin and click AP
  • Look and select the combination file that you recently extracted.
  • Get the phone and boot it to download mode. Usually, you can boot them to download mode by holding vol- then power. If not working you can hold both volumes then connect USB to PC. This time it should appear the download mode.
  • Click start and wait for the flashing to finish then remove. Then follow the next step below.

How To Enable OEM and Debugging Mode

  • Turn on the unit then open settings
  • Look for about on the system settings
  • Then tap the build number 8 times or more.
  • Go back to system or settings then look for developer option
  • Enable OEM unlocking and Debugging mode
  • After that turn off the device.

How To Flash The Galaxy A20 With Stock ROM

  • First, download the stock ROM below then extract.
  • Open Odin again
  • Click the AP and look for the ap file from the folder of stock ROM
  • Click the CSC and look for CSC file from stock ROM folder
  • Then start

Now, set up your phone and use the skip button when asking for the email. It should be work without any issue.

Samsung a20 FRP Unlock Tool Download Below:

Odin v3.14.1

Other files: For SM-A205W

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