Samsung Frp Calculator Code with FRP Bypass Tool

Samsung FRP Calculator Code is a code where you can enable ADB in USB settings. You can use this code only on the calculator app. So, if you can open the calculator while the Samsung phone is under FRP protection you can enable the ADB mode. If the Samsung phone is ADB enabled you can bypass the FRP using 3rd party software which is included on the download section below.

Samsung FRP Calculator Code


How to use Samsung FRP Calculator Code?

Note: Make sure that you’re already hard reset the phone before you start to bypass the FRP and ensure that the “welcome” is shown in your Samsung phone.

Step #1: How to open the Browser?

  1. First turn on the phone and wait to load until you see the “welcome”
  2. After that press the home button three times the talkback tutorial will appear.
  3. Now, draw a backward and upside down it looks like an upper-case L. The settings of “Global Context Menu” will show.
  4. Then tap the “Talkback settings” one time then tap it again 2 times.
  5. Now you are in “Talkback Settings”. Press the volume up and volume down at the same time and then the “Suspend Talkback” will pop up just press ok.
  6. Drag the screen up and find the “help & feedback” and click it
  7. Now in “help screen” click the “Get started with Voice Access”.
    8 And then tap the play or youtube after that click the “watch” it should redirect you to youtube with chrome browser.
  8. Now step one done.

Step #2: How to download & install Quick-Shortcut.apk?

  1. Anything you see from the screen just press the “remind me later” or just close it with “x” button.
  2. Now tap the “bookmark” below the screen.
  3. And then “sign in” screen will show up just click the cancel.
  4. Now tap the back button from the top left of the screen.
  5. Click the URL box and type this “”.
  6. After that, drag the screen up and find this “Quick_shortcut.apk” and download the file.
  7. After that open the “Quick shortcut”. If the quick shortcut after the download doesn’t pop up you can go to bookmark>history>download history there you can find the Quick Shortcut.
  8. After installation, press the open button.
  9. You have now in “Quick_shortcut” so step two is done.

Step #3: How to enable “ADB” using codes?

  1. Now in Quick shortcut “touch the input keyword to filter” and type “setting” and tap the done button.
  2. After that find the settings with under the settings name.
  3. Now click the “Try” button. After that, it redirects you to Samsung settings.
  4. Then find the apps and look for Google app and then look for notifications.
  5. Now find the “i” on the right side of google app.
  6. And then click the “feed” to activate.
  7. Now Google will open and then type the calculator from the search box and then open the calculator.
  8. Now type this code (+30012012732+ after that type this another code *#0808#
  9. Find the DM+ACM+ADB then click ok and then reboot.
  10. Step three done.




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