Samsung J4 FRP Lock Remove Tool With Working Method

Samsung J4 FRP Lock SolutionSamsung J4 FRP Lock Remove tool is another tool that you can use to remove gmail or FRP in your phone. So today iTechytfied will help you out about this issue and I’ll guide you on how to remove FRP or google account lock from Samsung Galaxy J4.

In our shop, this kind of problem for most Android phones are easy to fix compared on repairing hardware issues. Like repairing WiFi IC this kind of problem needs to replace a new WiFi IC to fix the issue. However, we are not focusing on hardware so let’s move back to FRP or google lock solution.

Why We have FRP for most Android?

All new devices have this latest security feature like Samsung Galaxy J4 or Xiaomi Mi 8. Below Lollipop 5.1 version doesn’t have this device protection it only supports Lollipop 5.1 and higher. Factory Reset Protection(FRP) is introduced by Google in March 2015. They developed this feature to prevent thieves from using lost or stolen Android devices. This feature also helps to protect your data from loss and protect from snatchers. If thieves reset the phone it may ask for the owner’s Email and Password. So without them, the phone may become useless.

Tools and Requirements

  • SD card
  • ES File Explorer.apk
  • AT.apk
  • Apex Launcher.apk
  • Samsung j4 with FRP
  • Patience

You can get all the files on the bottom of this post. So, let’s start !!!

How To Use Samsung J4 FRP Lock Remove tool?

You can follow the step by step guide on how to use the Samsung J4 FRP Lock Remove tool and make sure to follow it carefully so that you don’t need to repeat the steps again.


  • Make sure the phone is already factory reset via hard reset.
  • Make sure the phone have Sim card inserted.

Step #1: How to open and bypass the browser?

  1. Let’s switch ON the Samsung J4 and remove the FRP lock.
  2. Touch the start> next>connect WiFi> until you stuck to FRP or in the screen where the phone is asking for Email and Password.
  3. Press Home key three times.
  4. Draw L in the screen(Make sure that you draw L fast)
  5. Touch the Talk-back settings then touch it two times to open the settings.
  6. Use two fingers to touch and drag the screen up to find the (Help & Feedback)
  7. Now touch it and then touch it 2 times to open after that touch the (Get Started) then touch it two times again to open.
  8. Touch the YouTube video then double-tap it. In the YouTube screen, you can see the (watch-later) sign and the (share) sign.
  9. Again press the Home Button three times.
  10. Touch the (watch) button from the YouTube screen left-side of the (share button).
  11. You will be redirected to Chrome Browser then touch the (Accept and continue).
  12. Touch the next button and Browser will ask if you want to sign in, for now, choose (not now).

Step #2: How to install AT.apk and Apex_launcher.apk and remove FRP?

  1. Touch the search/URL bar then type or just click this link.
  2. Now find the download links below and look for AT.apk and Apex_launcher.apk.
  3. Download the AT.apk first before you download apex launcher.
  4. After you download the AT.apk download the Apex launcher and open it to install.
  5. Choose the settings then check the (Allow from this source)
  6. Touch the back and then install then wait to the app to be installed. Click the open then open the menu and find the settings.
  7. Click Security>Other security settings> then look for (device admin apps) then unchecked the (Find My Device) and deactivate it.
  8. Now go back to settings>apps> then click the three dots (it looks like a hamburger) and touch the (Show System/Hidden apps)
  9. Find the (Google Play Services) then disable it.
  10. Now use the back button bottom left until you go back into the home screen.
  11. Again touch the menu and open (File explorer/My files) and then click downloads.
  12. Find the AT.apk and then install it will ask again for unknown source just click settings and check the (Allow from this source). Now install the AT.apk again.
  13. After installation, open the app and do nothing and then use the go back button again bottom left of the screen to go back to the home menu again.
  14. This is now the final step go to menu>settings>Cloud and Accounts>Accounts>Add account>Choose Google now add your new google account.
  15. Go back to the menu again and then open settings>apps> click the 3 dots> click shows hidden apps> click all apps from the top left of the screen> click disabled.
  16. Touch the (google play services) then enable it again.
  17. Now go back and open security under settings>other security settings>Device admin apps>Touch Android device manager>Choose activate> Go back to the main menu then restart.

Final Step to fully remove the FRP Lock for Samsung J4

Set up the phone again and it shouldn’t ask again for the email. However, if it still asking for email and password you can just put your new email and password it should be fine.

Download links for Samsung J4 FRP Lock Remove Tool below below


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