SM j727t1 FRP: Quick Ways To Remove Google Account For Galaxy J7

sm j727t1 frp

Today I’m going to guide on how to bypass google verification for Samsung SM j727t1 FRP without a PC. Before we do that I would like to explain a bit why you get this on your phone. The reason why you have this verification lock. Because you reset the phone accidentally to default factory settings. If you set the device with “Find My Device ON” the phone will ask for google verification after the factory reset. So, this method came to remove the FRP or we can call it Factory Reset Protection. To use the phone again as normal without Google Verification.

Step By Step To Remove sm-j727t galaxy j7 prime FRP Without PC

List of requirements :

  • Quick_shortcut.apk
  • Dummy Gmail account
  • The phone with FRP
  • And basic understanding.

How to go in the browser through talkback settings?

  • First, connect it to wifi.
  • After that click, the home button 3 times the talkback tutorial will show up.
  • Now draw “L” it looks like an upper-case L.
  • The Global context will popup. Then touch the talkback settings one time then double touch.
  • In talkback, settings use two fingers to slide down and find the launch talkback tutorial.
  • Touch it one time then double touch talkback tutorial will show up again.
  • This time tap the turn talkback off and it will be going back to talkback settings.
  • Now you don’t need two fingers to slide down or up.
  • Slide down again until you find the Help & feedback and touch it.
  • Find the magnifying glass upper right of the screen and type “voice” without quotes.
  • Tap the “Get started with Voice Access”.
  • Now touch the arrow upper right of the youtube video then touch the three dots.
  • Youtube will show up just post the video and slide the video down.
  • Now you are on YouTube homepage tap the profile it looks like a user icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Find the Terms & Privacy Policy then tap.
  • Now the browser is open. You can now browse and download the file requirements above follow the guide below.

Download and install the Quick_shortcut.apk

  • From the browser type this “” without quotes.
  • Then find the Quick_shortcut.apk at the bottom of this post.
  • After that, tap it and download the file and wait to finish.
  • Now slide down or up and find the bookmark then tap.
  • Go to history then Download history.
  • Tap the Quick_shortcut.apk to install.
  • It will ask for security reasons just tap the settings.
  • Find the unknown sources and enable it.
  • Now go back using the back arrow on the top left of the screen.
  • After that, you can now install the Quick_shortcut.apk.
  • After the installation and open the app your part 2 step is done go to the final step below.

Remove The Samsung SM j727t1 FRP and Add Dummy Gmail Account.

  • This is the final step and you must have a dummy Gmail account.
  • In the Quick_shortcut app tap the application tab.
  • Then input this keyword “Settings” without quotes.
  • Now tap the settings then touch the “try” to launch the settings menu.
  • After that slide down and look for “Lock screen and security”
  • Slide down and find the “Other security settings”
  • Now find the “Device Administrators”.
  • Uncheck the “Find My Device” then deactivate.
  • Now go back to main settings by clicking arrow back at the top left of the screen.
  • Tap the apps then touch the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen.
  • Then choose “Show system apps” then look for a google account manager.
  • Disable it then find the “Google Play Services” and disable it too.

Proceed To Add Your Dummy Account

  • Now go back to the main settings and look for “Cloud and Accounts” to add the dummy Gmail account.
  • Tap accounts then add account then choose Google.
  • Wait and input your Gmail account and password then wait to finish.
  • Go back then touch your google account then touch the “[email protected]”.
  • Then enable sync for both contacts and Gmail.
  • Now go back to the main settings again. Look for “Google play services” and “Google Account Manager” enable them both.
  • Now reboot the phone then setup the wizard until you reach the menu. Right now it will not ask for email.
  • After the setup, you can use the phone normally but we still not done yet. Now go to settings and look for “Lock screen and security”.
  • Tap the other security settings then “device administrator” then enable “Find my device”.
  • After go back to the main settings and tap apps and uninstall Quick_Shortcut.
  • Now for the last step go to General Management under settings. And tap the reset then factory reset then delete all.
  • Now, setup the wizard again it won’t ask for Gmail. After setup is done you can use it as normal as before.

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    • Did you try to check either terms or legal? Try if you can find that then do the next steps. If not then your final solution for this is to flash it with same binary of combi file to enable OEM and ADB so that you can remove the FRP by using FRP removal tool.

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