SM S120VL FRP Bypass : Easy Way To Delete Google Account

sm s120vl frp bypassSM S120VL FRP bypass steps can be found in the middle of this page but before we start. I would like to explain if why the phone is asking for Google account verification after a hard reset. The reason why the device is asking for email verification. Because you were intent to hard reset the phone. If you do that after the phone restart it will ask for email verification. Majority of people called it as factory reset protection or FRP. I usually mention it on the other post. If you want to learn more about it better check my recent posts at the bottom or on the right of this page. So let’s start!!!

How Can We Bypass Samsung Galaxy Luna SM-S120VL FRP?


Before we begin you must download these requirements below.

List of files needed:

  • Odin v3.10.7
  • ADB_Enabler_SM-S120VL firmware
  • Octopus v2.8.0
  • Samsung SM-S120VL Firmware (Download this if needed)


How to enable ADB with ADB Enabler Firmware?

  1. First, download the ADB Enabler_SM-S120VL firmware and Odin v3.10.7 at the bottom of this post.
  2. Open Odin v3.10.7 and put the Enabler_SM-S120VL firmware under AP as shown in the image below.Enabler firmware for sm s120vl
  3. Then start to flash.
  4. After the flash complete wait for the phone to restart.


How To Reset Google Account with Octopus Box

  1. Now open Octopus box then select “SM-J200H”
  2. After that connect the phone to the PC while powered ON
  3. And then click the “RESET FRP” then wait to finish as shown in the image below. S120vl FRP Bypass Octopus
  4. Now go to your phone then set up and activate.


How To Find The Hidden Option and Switch The OEM ON?

  1. Now go to settings then “about” click “build number” 7 times to show up developers option.
  2. Go to developers option then find the “OEM” in the developer option then switch ON.
  3. Check wifi option if you can switch it “ON” it’s fine but if not then proceed to flash with a new firmware.
  4. Download the flash file of Samsung Galaxy Luna SM-S120VL Firmware below.
  5. Then after you flash success your phone now is clean and it won’t ask again for Email verification.Flash Samsung Galaxy Luna With Odin


I hope you enjoy reading and following my guide. If you like my post you can use the share button below so that it will help other people too if they have the same issue.

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